Meindl Comfort Fit Boots and Shoes

Since 1683 the Meindl family have been making quality boots and shoes that combine innovative technology and materials.

Meindl has invested centuries of knowledge into perfecting the science of comfort. Those with broader feet may benefit greatly from the Comfort fit collection. The footwear in Meindl's Comfort fit line is generally broader, offering more support compared to standard trekking fit. This range caters to individuals with wider feet who have had difficulty finding well-fitting boots.

Here’s what makes them so different

  1. More Space
    The Comfort fit provides extra room at the front of the foot, without narrowing, and a secure hold on the heel. The additional width allows for more space for your toes, particularly around the flexpoint of the boot or shoe.

  2. More Support
    The cork footbed in the Comfort Fit boots provides extra width and support compared to a regular footbed, offering more standing surface. It also features a poron shock absorber to minimize the impact of each step, along with a fleece covering and integrated cushioning pad for the metatarsal heads for added comfort.

  3. Rolling Movement
    The more defined contour of the Comfort fit range soles gives an easier rolling motion to your stride.

  4. Two-Zone Lacing
    Meindl’s Comfort Fit walking boots feature two-zone lacing for optimal performance. When ascending, tighten the lower zone and leave the upper zone looser for better flexibility. When descending, tighten the upper zone to keep your foot from sliding forward.

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