Wide feet? Try Meindl’s Comfort Fit

Wide feet? Try Meindl’s Comfort Fit


If you're like many of us,  you’re looking for ways to make your hike comfortable. There is nothing worse than getting half way through your hike, with feet full of blisters because of badly fitted boots.

We highly recommend boot fittings when choosing your shoe, as this helps get some advice from the experts and helps choose the perfect fit from the get go. 

Look no further than Comfort fit technology.

Meindl is a fantastic footwear maker from Bavaria with a history going back as far as the 17th century!  We have been very lucky to have them as a supplier for over 30 years.  After a little bit of google research you will find that they are still a family business to this day. Lars and Lukas Meindl are the 9th generation of the Meindl family.

Meindl have a huge variety of walking footwear for all different shapes of foot and sort of activity.

It is a reoccurring problem that wide feet make it difficult to choose a pair of boots or walking shoes, and is something people very regularly contact us about.

Sometimes a standard width shoe is simply not an option.This is why we wanted to review Meindl’s outstandingly roomy but very practical ‘Comfort Fit’.

In this post, we’re going to be explaining just what makes these Meindl shoes and boots so perfect for really comfortable but high performance walking and trekking.



A great fit for wider feet


Our selection of Meindl Comfort Fit shoes and boots is perfect for those with a wide to very wide forefoot, the shoes have a very wide sole base at the front. This provides ideal room and optimal volume for the foot, keeping the area around the ball of the foot cushioned while adjusting the big toe to sit comfortably in a good walking position.


Comfort Fit shoes and boots narrow naturally towards the back in order to enable optimum grip on the heel offering great performance whilst walking and a sublime fit. The area around the toe box is high volume, allowing good flex without the ceiling on the forefoot rubbing against the top of the foot.


With a wider toe box hiking boot comes better balance, as your toes are now allowed to spread out and provide stability.... Hiking in a wide to box boot actively encouraging your toes to realign to their natural position since you're no longer squeezing the toes together within a compact space.


Let’s take a look at the very special shoe and boot within our range, we’ve carefully chosen these two pieces of footwear with wider footed people in mind. They are in fact some of our most popular pieces of footwear.


Meindl Philadelphia GTX 

The Meindl Philadelphia GTX walking shoes are an incredibly protective shoe designed for low level trail and urban walking. Made from the highest quality Nubuck leather, this shoe is durable and supple with an element of class. The addition of a GORE-TEX lining makes it breathable and waterproof, ensuring its suitability for all weather conditions. As part of Meindl’s Comfort-Fit range the Philadelphia GTX has a wider front allowing more space for movement whilst maintaining a firmer grip on the heel. The shoe comes equipped with an Air-Active Wellness Sport footbed, providing a superbly comfy, cushioned insole simultaneously enabling the circulation of fresh air. The Philadelphia GTX is kitted with a Comfort-Fit sole, the Meindl Comfort Sport. This provides an excellent grip on a variety of terrain and a soft underfoot giving you an enjoyable walking experience. This shoe is recommended for long hikes to everyday wear.

Philadelphia GTX walking shoe feature guide:
* Waxed Nubuck leather uppers
* GORE-TEX lining
* Air-Active Wellness Sport footbed
* Meindl Comfort Sport sole
* Waterproof protection

Meindl Meran

Meindl Meran GTX

The Meindl Meran GTX walking boot is designed as part of the Comfort-Fit range for hikers with slightly wider feet. Boasting 300 years of skilled shoemaking, Meindl introduced the Comfort-Fit range to provide a supportive, easy fit with an enhanced natural rolling movement. The uppers are made from Nubuck leather with wax providing a durable exterior. Paired with a GORE-TEX lining the boot is fully waterproof and protective in all conditions. The Comfort-Fit footbed is made from cork with a cushioning fleece lining and is wider at the front of the boot in both width and height. The wider base means more surface area to stand on giving more support than the standard footbed, more capacity for movement and reduced pressure. The Meran GTX is complete with Meindl Comfort Hiker sole guaranteeing a strong grip on a variety of surfaces. Ideal for light hikes and trails.

Meran GTX walking boot feature guide:

* Nubuck leather with wax uppers
* GORE-TEX lining
* Comfort-Fit, cork and fleece footbed
* Meindl Comfort Hiker sole
* Waterproof protection


A natural cork layer in the footbed molds to the exact curves of your foot for support, stability and shock absorption, and the added arch offers extra support. A moisture-managing layer over the the cork draws perspiration away and transfers it to the dispersing layer so your feet stay dry. A Poron™ cushion insert in the rear protects your heel, ankle and joints.

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