The world of trail running and hiking is filled with excitement and challenges, especially when the sun goes down. In such moments, a reliable headlamp becomes your trusted companion. Fenix, a name synonymous with quality outdoor lighting, has introduced an updated version of its hugely popular HM65R-T headlamp, known as the HM65R-DT. This headlamp is designed specifically for trail runners and offers a range of features to tackle the darkest hours with ease.


The Dual Spotlight Design:

One of the most significant upgrades in the Fenix HM65R-DT is the dual spot design. This headlamp provides a powerful 1300 lumens, 170-meter white spotlight, along with a 400-lumen warm white 92-meter spot/flood combination. When paired together, they unleash a formidable 1500 lumen boost output. What's particularly impressive is the warm white LED in the spot/flood beam, which accurately renders colors and pierces through misty conditions.


Consistent Brightness and Long Runtimes:

The HM65R-DT retains the same circuitry as its predecessor, the HM65R-T, ensuring constant light output. This means you can enjoy consistent brightness on your night runs, and you won't have to worry about changing batteries frequently. Each beam offers three brightness settings, allowing you to adjust the illumination according to your needs. For those extended trail runs, rest assured that either beam can last up to 24 hours on the 130-lumen setting or 12 hours on the 400-lumen setting. That's more than enough light to guide you through the longest activities in varying weather conditions.

BOA Headband for a Perfect Fit:

Fenix has taken comfort seriously with the HM65R-DT. It features the new detachable Fenix BOA headband, a system that allows you to adjust the fit with a simple twist. This means you can achieve an exact fit quickly and easily, ensuring that your headlamp stays securely in place during your adventures. The headband itself is designed to be wider, distributing the weight over a larger area and minimizing discomfort, even during extended use.

USB-C Charging and Color Options:

The HM65R-DT is powered by an included 3400mAh 18650 battery, which can be conveniently charged via the USB-C charging port on the rear of the headlamp. The package even includes the charging cable, making it incredibly convenient to recharge your headlamp between runs. Plus, if you're planning exceptionally long adventures, spare batteries can be used to extend your runtime. Lastly, Fenix offers the HM65R-DT in three attractive colors: Black, Dark Purple, and Nebula, allowing you to choose a style that matches your preference.


The Fenix HM65R-DT is a worthy successor to the already popular HM65R-T, offering an array of upgrades that cater to the needs of competitive trail and ultra runners. With its dual spotlight design, consistent brightness, comfortable BOA headband, USB-C charging, and color options, it's an excellent choice for those who seek reliable illumination and comfort during their nocturnal adventures. Whether you're exploring rugged trails or pushing your limits in challenging conditions, the Fenix HM65R-DT is your beacon of light in the darkness.


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