The world of hiking/camping equipment can be confusing, with new gadgets being released all the time. So we have put together a list of our top 4 camping must haves. Have a gander, and let us know if you have any of these and what you think of them!


If you have travelled to countries where you cannot drink water from the taps you know just how many plastic bottles you have to buy – 2 or 3 a day depending on the size, how much money you have to spend – 50p to £1.50 a day depending on the Country and how many times you have to think ‘I need to buy water, I forgot again’- probably a good 3 or so times depending on how much you drink!

Everyone is so focused on reducing plastic right now and rightly so, but what happens when you’re in countries where you can’t re-fill that pretty, re-usable water bottle straight from the tap?? (Aka in most of the world!)

We love any product that helps us go further and harder–particularly in outdoor pursuits. When it comes to hiking, camping, and other off-grid activities, the best gear lives at the intersection of durability, user-friendliness and low weight. The LifeStraw Peak Series is a perfect example: this system takes water filtration to the next level, combining ultimate versatility with rugged but lightweight and sustainable materials. Thanks to clever engineering upgrades, the latest from LifeStraw also boasts an enhanced flow rate and overall performance.

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Kenluck Mini Grill / BBQ

Kenluck Mini Grill / BBQ is the smaller version of their Buddy Grill.  In a retro design that is not only functional but also gives you a great looking charcoal BBQ / Grill to carry with you wherever you go.

Made in steel eliminates the need to use disposable BBQ’s.   These are environmentally unfriendly and can also cause unsightly burn damage when sat on surfaces without protection.

The Kenluck Mini Grill has a unique patented retro design.  This Grill / BBQ is 100% reusable and environmentally focused.  A fully reusable grill/BBQ proven to reduce waste and the damage which traditional “throw-away” BBQ’s cause.

Turn your picnic in a hot food affair, grill up your catch on the beach, or at home use it in your garden or on your balcony.

At  only 750g, the Kenluck Mini Grill is a truly lightweight option to carry with you for your outdoor picnics and camping trips.  Great for when a couple of burgers or a some grilled prawns would be loved.  Easily opened and folded the BBQ incorporates a telescopic charcoal bowl with built-in air vents to aid burning and when stored it fits neatly into the Mini Grill

Check out the collection here.



Luci String Lights - Solar & USB Charging Lantern


The first of its kind, Luci Solar String Lights are multi-use solar lights—with a mobile charger— ready for your backyard or the backcountry. Great for camping, hiking, patio lights, vanlife, glamping, outdoor and inside decor lights.

Like all Luci products, Solar String Lights harness the power of the sun. Solar String Lights feature one USB port to give your mobile device an extra boost of energy just when you need it, and another plug for when your Solar String Lights are in need of a quick charge, which can be plugged into a traditional outlet.

Boasting 10 LED nodes with dual directional LEDs in each node (20 total LEDs) the Luci Solar String Lights help to create a warm, ambient light expanding across or around any space of your choosing. The enveloping light given off by Solar String Lights pairs well with our other Luci lights that have a localized brightness. At 18 feet long, the nylon-braided cord includes two uniquely-designed clips to make it easy to hang in any situation.

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Nordisk Telemark 2.2 LW Lightweight Tent - Forest Green

The Nordisk Telemark 2 tent is certainly very light and roomy enough. For mountain marathons and adventure races where weight is more important than comfort I can see this being acceptable. For most backpackers and campers I think this is better regarded as a one person tent. It weighs less than most solo tents anyway.

The Telemark 2 is a single hoop tent with short poles at each corner, a well-established design for providing space and stability at a low weight. However unlike similar tents the hoop on the Telemark 2 is offset so that the high point is towards one end of the tent. As long as you sleep with your head at that end this works better when you sit up in your sleeping bag. The tent pitches as a unit or flysheet first and can be pitched in a couple of minutes. Just four pegs are needed and it comes with four very nice ultralight titanium V-pegs. However for maximum security in storms guylines can be added to the pole and each end pegged down as well, which requires four more pegs.


Pitching is quick, easy and intuitive, the ventilation is excellent (you do get the inevitable condensation build up sometimes though) and the porch is big enough for two backpacks, though you might need to shift one in order to cook. The pegs it comes with are excellent quality, though there’s only four so you might want to add a few extra to your pack before heading out.
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Do you have any of these cool hiking must haves? Let us know in the comments below.