Soto Wind Master with Micro Regulator and 4 Flex

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The SOTO WindMaster with 4Flex, uses SOTO’s Micro Regulator technology to enable a consistent output as temperatures drop and has been tested to demonstrate the same burning time at -5°C as at 20°C. This stove comes complete with the interchangeable 4Flex post support, which can easily be replaced with the SOTO Tri Flex (OD-1RX3) when being ultra-lightweight is preferred. With a shielded peizzo igniter the stove is easy to ignite and the concave burner head offers enhanced protection from the wind.


  • Output: 3260W, 11000BTU, 2800kcal/h
  • Weight: 87g (or 67g when using TriFlex)

Key Features:

  • Incorporates SOTO Micro Regulator Technology
  • Interchangeable 4Flex pot support
  • Shielded piezzo igniter
  • Concave burner head to offer more protection from wind