Soto StormBreaker w/Fuel Bottle Red Combo Camping Stove

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SOTO StormBreaker w/Fuel Bottle Red Combo is a set of 2 items containing both the StormBreaker Stove and a 700ml SOTO Fuel Bottle (Red).

PLEASE NOTE: The main image is for illustrative purposes only and the fuel bottle is actually RED in colour and NOT silver as shown.

The StormBreaker is a compact and powerful multi fuel stove.  Its burner head fires 300 micro-flames to create the main jet.   It also utilises the same wind-beating, low-profile, technology featured in the award winning WindMaster.  This means a faster boiling time with less fuel consumption.

The stove has a folding legs that act as the pot support and offer a wide base for stability. The fuel flows through a hose into the stove in an “alpine” style to help keep everything lower to the ground, which helps reduce the risk of it being knocked or blown over. At the same time this style of stove helps improve fuel flow with gas cartridges as it inverts the cylinder.

The Fuel Bottle in this Combo is an additon at no extra cost, as this set sells at the same price as the StormBreaker was by itself previously.

The StormBreaker can be powered by either white liquid fuels or screw-thread gas cartridges.  If you are using it as a liquid fuel stove it can work with Coleman Fuel,  unleaded petrol, or similar.  Alternatively with the gas converter you can use this stove with a standard isobutane screw cartridge. 

PLEASE NOTE: This stove is not compatible with diesel.


  • Stove with sturdy, flexible fuel hose
  • Fuel pump (SOTO Smart Pump)
  • 700ml wide neck bottle – Red (SOTO Fuel Bottle)
  • Stand for gas cartridge
  • Heat reflector
  • Maintenance kit
  • Carrying case

Made in Japan.  SOTO is part of a third generation family owned business (Shinfuji Burner Company), who have 40+ years of engineering experience behind them.  Specialising in stove and burner technology SOTO are dedicated to the pursuit of manufacturing the best stoves in the world.

NOTE: This comes with the Fuel Bottle only the Gas Cartridge is NOT included.

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