Paramo Men's Velez Adventure Waterproof Smock - Fire Red

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The Velez Adventure Smock offers exceptional durability and comfort, delivering top-notch protection and breathability through its Nikwax® Analogy® Waterproof fabric to keep you comfortable during intense, multi-activity outdoor excursions in inclement weather. Temperature control is further optimized with two-way twin zips and forward-facing arm vents.



The Velez Adventure Smock is ideal for people who enjoy backpacking, cycling, climbing and snow sports.

To enjoy the above in cold, wet weather, you need robust and reliable clothing that offers protection from the elements, removes perspiration, and manages your temperature so you don’t overheat.

Combining clever fabric and functional features, including our renowned twin zip design that allows a backpack to be worn without compromising ventilation, this tough and efficient smock provides optimum comfort, warmth and cooling.

The Velez Adventure Smock has excellent ventilation, a fully adjustable hood and practical pocketing.

  • Temperature regulation when working hard is provided by two-way twin front zips with inner, poppered baffles for maximum venting even on the move, and upper arm vents.
  • Field of vision and extra weather protection is assured by the fully adjustable, stowable ‘halo’ hood with wired peak.
  • Secure pocketing allows for storage of OS maps, compass and valuables, and handwarming when needed.


  1. Two-way twin front zips with inner, poppered baffles, and upper arm vents, allow venting for maximum temperature control - even on the move.
  2. Double-layer lining at the lower and upper back, and shoulders, provides comfort for technical rucksack use.
  3. Fully adjustable roll-away ‘halo’ hood with wired peak provides excellent field of vision and protection.
  4. Fully articulated shoulders and elbows, and a cropped front, ensure maximum freedom of movement.
  5. One large ‘dry’ zipped chest pocket and one inner ‘dry’ zipped pocket for storage of OS maps, compass and snacks. A small secure pocket within the chest pocket can store essential items.
  6. Reflective flashes on the front and back of the hood, cuffs, and on the front and back chest seams give maximum visibility.
  7. Drop tail with hem draw-cord protects the lower back.
  8. Hook and loop cuffs with BiteTab closure provide easy adjustment and push up function.



Choose the Velez Adventure Smock for weather protection, sweat management and temperature control combined with optimum functionality.

Nikwax Analogy Pump Liner mimics the action of animal fur - pushing liquid water outwards to protect you from rain, condensation and perspiration, whilst protecting your insulation. This is combined with a Directional microfibre outer to deflect wind and rain.

Excellent venting capabilities allow use of the smock across a range of operating temperatures, conditions and activities, even whilst wearing a rucksack.

Practical features, including a fully adjustable stowable hood, well-placed reflective flashes, and double layer lining at the lower and upper back and shoulders, ensure further protection and comfort - from backpacking to snow sports.

In what weather conditions can I use my Velez Adventure Smock?

The Velez Adventure Smock has been rigorously tested in the Leeds University Rain Room to resist at least four hours of heavy rain, which is approximately five times the intensity of normal heavy rain in the UK.

Because the fabric system offers significant insulation when the ventilation zips are closed, this is not the best garment to use in warm conditions. In that case we would recommend a Nikwax® Windproof combined with a Parameta® T+ baselayer, for optimum breathability and cooling. For full weather protection, swap the baselayer for a Nikwax Fleece.


How do I care for my Páramo waterproof?

Regularly wash it with Nikwax Tech Wash® to remove dirt and revive its water repellency. If, after washing, the outer fabric absorbs water (it does not run off in beads) it is time to reproof your garment with Nikwax TX.Direct®.


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