Meindl Borneo 2 MFS Walking Boots - Brown/Nougat

Size chart
Meindl Size Guide

This guide has been taken directly from the Meindl website and should be used as a guide only.  We will not accept liability for any garments purchased according to this size guide that do not fit the way you want.


Mondopoint /
foot length
in mm
2 34.5 3 3.5 220
2.5 35 3.5 4th 225
3 35.5 4th 4.5 227.5
3.5 36 4.5 5 230
4th 37 5 5.5 235
4.5 37.5 5.5 6th 240
5 38 6th 6.5 245
5.5 39 6.5 7th 250
6th 39.5 7th 7.5 252.5
6.5 40 7.5 8th 255
7th 41 8th 8.5 260
7.5 41.5 8.5 9 265
8th 42 9 9.5 270
8.5 42.5 9.5 10 275
9 43 10 10.5 280
9.5 44 10.5 11th 282.5
10 44.5 11th 11.5 285
10.5 45 11.5 290
11th 46 12th 295
11.5 46.5 12.5 300
12th 47 13th 305
12.5 48 13.5 307.5
13th 48.5 14th 310
13.5 49 14.5 315
14th 49.5 15th 320
14.5 50.5 15.5 325
15th 51 16 330
15.5 51.5 16.5 335
16 52 17th 337.5
16.5 52.5 17.5 340
17th 53 18th 345

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Shoe Size: UK 7

Note: These are Leather lined boots without a waterproof liner. Read Description Below.

Meindl introduced the Borneo 2 MFS hill-walking boots to the UK market over 20 years ago and have since been one of our best sellers. Made in Germany from high quality Nubuck leather uppers, these boots provide protection for your feet and are durable on all types of terrain. The classic leather lining mean the boots are incredibly breathable with a feel of quality craftsmanship. Technical features of the boot include; a Digafix lacing system to provide an extra secure fit for your heel, a Memory Foam System (MFS) compression zone around the ankle to reduce pressure when walking downhill, a Meindl Multigriff Vibram sole for excellent traction and shock absorption, and an Air-Active footbed to control moisture levels. Categorised B by Meindl, this walking boot is supportive yet supple. The breathability of the leather lining makes the Borneo 2 MFS particularly ideal for hill-walking in dry climates.

Borneo 2 MFS walking boot feature guide:
* Nubuck leather with wax uppers
* Leather lining
* Memory Foam System
* Digafix lacing
* Air-Active Soft Print drysole footbed
* Meindl Multigriff by Vibram

NOTE: These are leather lined boots and do not have a waterproof liner. Water repellancy can be improved by using Meindl Wet Proof and Sportwax. Whilst some prefer the breathability and comfort of a leather lined boot, if you need it to be waterproof please look at the Meindl Bhutan or Burma.

Sportwax is a natural product formulated to condition and proof leather. Apply it with a sponge or cloth and don’t forget the tongues of the boots. Rub the wax in well. There’s no need to heat it, as this could reduce boot breathability. Waxing changes the appearance of the leather, making it smoother and darker. Applying a little to the hooks and eyelets also protects them against corrosion.

Wetproof spray increases the water resistance of your boots and shoes. This should be applied twice a year after cleaning and prior to waxing or conditioning. It is suitable for leather, suede and fabric footwear.


The iconic non-lined leather boot. Waxed nubuck leather uppers with leather lining for added comfort and breathability. Meindl Multigrip sole by Vibram. Digafix lacing system. Memory Foam Fit to ankle area. Meindl Rating: B - 790g


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mark Evans
Reliable and Comfortable

I have tried several well known makes and models of walking boot over the years, but keep coming back to Meindl Borneo. My feet are bang on imperial size 10, so need a boot in euro size 44.5 to obtain a good fit; something that not all manufacturers offer. In addition, my feet are a little wider than normal; not much, but enough to make the narrower Italian boots too narrow. The Borneos fit me perfectly and require the minimum of breaking in, after which they are as comfortable as a walking boot can be and the digifix lacing system is great.
They aren't lined with a waterproof bootie, so though I have never had a pair that leaked, in prolonged wet conditions, a certain amount of dampness will soak through the leather to the inside of the boot, but that is normal for all leather boots and as I dislike Goretex liners, that is fine by me.
The outer sole tread is great for general hill walking, though as always with Vibram soles, one has to take care on wet rock surfaces, as they tend to slip easily.
If I have one criticism, it would be of the choice of leather used. Nubuck leather looks good, especially when new, but I would prefer a more practical, full grained leather.
All in all, an excellent superbly made boot.

Great boots and a great supplier

I bought a pair of these last years for work & general use, having walked the Americas with a pair years & years ago.
These were equally as comfortable as they were back in the day hence buying another pair. I bought the new pair for personal use as the older pair are used daily in a damaging environment (cement & mortar dust), they are still going strong - I use the Meindl Sportwax for Leather Footwear to help keep them in reasonable condition whenever I remember to (not often enough)
I do use a different insole (Superfeet Trailblazer) which improves (for me) what is otherwise a great boot.
Furthermore and most importantly I can not praise the customer care of Hill & Dale highly enough: they made the changing of the boot size last year a dream rather than the anticipated nightmare. Which is why I returned to buy from them again - plus they are competitively priced.
I should also point out that I received these very quickly considering they were out of stock and I ordered them during the pre Christmas period
As for the boot I find them comfortable from the first day of use with no breaking in required (for me).
A greatv experience all round - a BIG thank you to Hill and Dale.

Howard Sandra

Came very quick we have had same boots 3 times now always comtable would get again

Jonathan Graham

Fine boots. If they are as good as the last two pairs I wore out they should be grand

Lawrence M Lewis
Fab product

This is pair three of this model over about forty years. Fab boots and top class workmanship.