Fenix HM65R ShadowMaster 1200 Lumens Rechargeable Headtorch

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HM65R ShadowMaster headlamp has been developed jointly with Fenix as an elite Fishing Headlamp, Hunting Headlamp and Military Headlamp. It features a powerful main beam boosted from 1000 to 1200 lumens, a 150 lumen red floodlight, upgraded non dimming power electronics and stealth black headbands. The lowest red light setting of 5 lumens is particularly useful for protecting dark adapted eyes and is less likely to spook wildlife than white light.

Our ShadowMaster headlamp utilizes a magnesium alloy body for ultra light weight and excellent heat dissipation. It features a focus free perfectly balanced main beam with 5 brightness settings that reaches out up to168 meters whilst also generating a wide area flood light to safely light your surroundings. A powerful red flood light offers 4 brightness settings from 5 to 150 lumens giving the choice of night vision protection / stealthy operation or red flood lighting out to a useful 30 meters.

The included Fenix ARB-L18-3400 mAh 18650 rechargeable battery delivers maximum run times whatever lighting mode is in use. The battery is easy to swap for a spare simply by unscrewing the battery cap, keeping your adventure going indefinitely! The battery is charged on board via the supplied USB-C type cable and your choice of mains or outdoor charger, whilst a 4 LED battery meter between the individual beam switches indicates charging status and remaining charge.

Worries about durability ? No concerns here. Fenix HM65R ShadowMaster is rated 2M drop resistant, dust proof and waterproof to 2 meters for 30 minutes. HM65R has proven ultra reliable in the toughest situations.

Fenix HM65R ShadowMaster headlamp other features:

* 4 non dimming brightness levels of 50 lm (40 hrs), 150 lm (14 hrs), 400 lm (6 hrs), 600 lm (3 hrs)
* Continuous Turbo output: 1200 lm (20 mins) dropping to 800 lm (1 hr 40 mins)
* 4 Red Floodlight non dimming brightness levels of 5 lm (120 hrs), 25 lm (28 hrs), 85 lm (10 hrs) and 150 lm (4.5 hrs)
* Individual switches for each beam control on / off and brightness
* Charges in just 3 hours from a 5v 2A mains USB adapter (not supplied)
* Ergonomic headlamp holder for comfort during long periods of use
* Hollow headband structure - breathable for comfort during long periods of use
* Headband silicon strips keep sweat out of your eyes during intense activity
* Low level main beam and Mid level red flood output can be used whilst charging
* Fits into Fenix compact APB-20 headlamp storage case (only just) and APB-30 headlamp storage case

Fenix HM65R ShadowMaster operation:

* Press and hold the left switch for 0.5 seconds to turn on / off the red flood light or the right switch to turn on / off the main beam
* Tap the switch on the operating beam to cycle one brightness level with each tap
* Pressing the inoperative switch while a beam is lit will switch between beams (beams cannot be combined)

Lock Out Mode (Prevents accidental operation)

* Press either or both switches for 3 seconds. The light will blink 4 times on low red light mode to indicate locked status.
* To unlock, press both switches for 3 seconds. The light will blink 4 times on low red light mode and activate in low output red light mode.
* When locked, pressing either switch will activate 4 blinks in low red light mode to indicate locked status

MODEL HM65R ShadowMaster
ADDITIONAL BATTERY TYPE 2 x CR123A non-rechargeable (Do NOT attempt to recharge CR123 batteries in this product)
LED TYPE Luminus SST-40 White and Cree XP-E2 Red LED's
OUTPUT/RUNTIME White Light - Turbo: 1200 Lumens (2 hrs), High: 600 Lumens (3 hrs), Med: 400 Lumens (6 hrs), Low: 150 Lumens (14 hrs), Eco: 50 Lumens (40 hrs)

Red Light - Turbo: 150 Lumens (4 hrs 30 min), High: 85 Lumens (10 hrs), Med: 25 Lumens (28 hrs), Low: 5 Lumens (120 hrs)
REFLECTOR Aluminium orange peel reflector
LENS TYPE Optical lens and flood diffuser
SWITCH TYPE Dual on - off - mode switches (separate controls for spot and flood LEDs)
CONSTRUCTION Durable high strength / light weight magnesium alloy
FINISH Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
WATERPROOFING IP68, 2m depth & dustproof
DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT 80.5mm (Length) x 55mm (Width) x 40mm (Depth)

97 grams (excluding battery)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Martin Braisby
A good headtorch

I bought this to use fishing from rocks at night. The white light output is more than adequate but the main factor for me was the red light.
The turbo setting is excellent for moving about safely at night on rough uneven rock surfaces, although the High setting is quite adequate for this. The High setting is also good to see what's happening with any hooked fish from 15 to 20 feet above the water.
The waterprrof rating is of obvious benefit. Having used Fenix headtorches for a number of years, I am more than happy with their reliability.

graham snow
shadowmaster headlight

brilliant light .great quality.customer service was first class.well done hill and dale.

Mr David Rees

Fenix HM65R ShadowMaster 1200 Lumens Rechargeable Headtorch

Mark Southern
Perfect headlamp

Fantastic product and the best price on the internet…

Matthew Helliwell
Brilliant headtorch

I used a £30 Petzl headtorch for the last 5 years on commercial window cleaning jobs out of hours. Good little torch but just not bright enough. Did some research and came across the Fenix HM65R. All the reviews and videos I watched point towards this torch being the one I need.

Firstly the Torch arrived promptly from Hill And Dale and their customer service team were helpful and friendly when I needed to contact them when I was ordering.

The torch itself is top quality and the build quality feels really solid. I've used it a couple of times on jobs and can easily see to the top of buildings from the ground. Havent ran it on full power yet permanently to see how long it lasts but its lasted long enough for our jobs. When the battery is running low it knocks it down a power setting and keeps going.

The red beam is handy and on setting 4 its really powerful.

I pulled over the other night on the way home in the middle of nowhere to test it on full power and was easily seeing 150 to 200 yards away.

Headband is really comfortable but is a little footery to adjust for someone like me who has little patience, so my wife did it.

Overall I would give it top marks and highly recommend the torch and Hill and Dale.

Thank you 10/10