Starting in the early 80's as a distributor of other outdoor brands, We began to build our own gear in 1997. Since then we have created many highly innovative products and won many awards for our designs.


We develop high performance outdoor gear that empowers our users in the pursuit of unrestricted outdoor experiences – wherever your next expedition may lead you to, be it a nearby forest, tropical jungles, a remote mountain peak or challenging waters: for trekking, climbing, hiking and globetrotting.


Our products should last as long as possible. The prerequisite being the use of quality materials, components, and production processes. It goes without saying that the most sustainable option is chosen. But strictly speaking the outdoor industry is still a byproduct of the oil industry, and often the most durable product is still the oil based one, whereas the natural option is greener but less durable. To find the right balance we need to continue our search for more sustainable alternatives. In the case of sleeping bags, we find that the most sustainable insulator is down originating from well bred animals (no force feeding, no live plucking).

Standards such as Bluesign, Ökotex etc. certify countless components and products, even though we don’t put it on a big banner -  there is almost never a 100% clear truth. Because we use Exped products intensively ourselves we we feel compelled to find the right balance.