Snugpak Silk Mix Sleeping Bag Liner - Black

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Silk is a type of fabric that we naturally associate with luxury; we don’t usually think of it as something that will keep us warm! In fact, silk is a very poor conductor of heat, and consequently will trap warmth within the sleeping bag, making it a very warm option with a touch of luxury.

Silk also has another surprising quality that makes this liner a must when you’re when travelling in hotter climates. Its natural heat-managing characteristics keep the body at a comfortable temperature in both extremes of hot and cold.

Gram for gram this is our most heat efficient sleeping bag liner.

30% Silk / 70% Cotton

Weight: 140g / 5oz
Packsize: 15cm x 7.5cm / 6" x 3"
Fabric: 30% Silk / 70% Cotton
Colours Available: Black
Sizes Available: Standard
Origin: Imported

Soft and luxurious to touch
Comes with its own stuff sack for easy storage
Small pack size
Easy care, machine washable, dries quickly
Can be used on its own in warmer climates
Prolongs sleeping bag life
Breathable with moisture wicking properties

Length - 210cm / 83"
Chest Width - 75cm / 30"
Foot Width - 50cm / 20"