Meindl Air Revolution Dry Socks - Black

Merino Wool, Polypropylene

44% New Merino Wool

26% Polypropylene

23% Polyamide

5% Cotton

2% Elastane

A perfect boot depends on the right sock.

We have taken a closer look at the boot and sock system together with one of the most experienced sock manufacturers and have come up with the perfect socks for our high-quality boots.
A sophisticated ventilation system and the use of new materials provide a comfortable climate in the boot and make sure feet stay dry, even after longtrips. A soft, comfortable top, reinforced and padded zones at the heel and toe an ensure a perfect fit and offer extra protection against skin abrasion and blisters. The wrong socks are a big disadvantage for good boots, especially GORE-TEX boots where the right socks are a must. What sort of socks with Gore-Tex lined boots? We prefere Revolution Socks or Revolution Teflon Socks.
Important! When buying new boots, wear the socks that you will wear on your future trips.


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