Ruffwear Headwater Collar - Fern Green - 20 - 23 Inch

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The Ruffwear Headwater Collar is our go-to collar for wet and dirty environments. The coated webbing is waterproof, stink-proof, and easy to clean - solving the wet, stinky collar problem. The all-metal Crux Buckle is our take on the classic equine Conway buckle, offering durability and security in an efficient design. Packed full of Ruffwear's essential collar features: separate ID tag attachment point with tag silencer, strong and comfortable coated webbing, and aluminum D-ring. Bright colors and integrated reflectivity keeps dogs visible in low-light conditions.

The Headwater Collar is available in 5 sizes.

Select the correct size based on the circumference of your dog's neck (measurement around the neck where the collar would comfortably lay).

11-14 in (28-36 cm);

14-17 in (36-43 cm);

17-20 in (43-51 cm);

20-23 in (51-58 cm);

23-26 in (58-66 cm).


Washing Instructions: Hand wash with mild detergent; Air dry.