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Quality born from tradition

Experience, innovation and production from Meindl, an established European walking boot and hiking boot manufacturer.

For over 300 years, MEINDL have produced quality handmade handmade footwear for walking, hiking, hunting, forestry and the military from their factory in Bavaria, Germany.

Using innovative products such as Gore-Tex, Vibram and Memory Foam. Meindl produce durable, comfortable and award winning walking boots, hiking boots and shoes.

This shoemaking tradition is now in its 11th generation, managed by Lars and Lukas Meindl who continue Meindl’s promise to produce high quality footwear. Every pair of boots are hand crafted, so we know you will feel the difference as soon as you try on a pair of Meindl boots.


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Sharks Toe FootThe latest AIR-ACTIVE® Technology optimises ventilation. Includes Air-Active® Technology, an improved lacing system and Air-Active® SOFT PRINT drysole footbed. Primaloft LogoThe new definition of a High Tech perfect fit - superb adjustment to the foot, shock absorbency and grip. Includes soft, comfortable leather upper, vakuum technology, Gore-Tex® stretch lining without a seem on the heel and MFS® vakuum footbed. Air RevolutionThe innovation that gives the best "foot climate" and excellent breathability. Includes water proofing, Air Revolution® tongue design, lace-loop lacing for perfect pressure distribution and Meindl Mulltigriff® 2-sole by Vibram® with SRSystem.
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Meindl Comfort FitOn your feet all day long and still feeling great in your shoes? A distinct rounded shape supports and enhances the natural rolling movements. The wide shape and softly cushioning footbed make walking and hiking trips and any sports activity a pleasant experience while de-stressing body and mind. Meindl Comfort FitThe typical comfort fit feeling makes these shoes and boots your ideal companions in rough terrain. Equipped with natural cork footbed, our Wellness Hikers ensure outstanding wearer comfort. Meindl SoftlineA range of super-light, stable, well cushioning models. All that at less than 500g! Softline boots are super light, stable, soft and comfortable and have good grip, thanks to Meindl Multigrip® profile.
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An exceptionally versatile range of shoes. Wherever you go our magic models are reliable companions for stressed feet. The technological concept of these shoes is tuned to a number of diverse uses so that they are perfectly defined for different demands, which means that their is always the perfect Magic for any activity you choose. Meindl have long been making military boots to the same high standards as their hiking boots and walking boots. Meindl military boots have all the attributes of german design and manufacture - a generous fitting last and superb quality.  
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Caring for your Meindl Walking Boots

Meindl Walking Boots need love. Read more about the recomended care products and when to use them.

Meindl SportwaxMeindl Wet ProofMeindl Conditioner & ProoferMeindl Cleaner In and Out

Caring for your Meindl Boots

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Meindl Boot Grades

Meindl Comfort Fit

The perfect shoe for light walkers looking for a firm yet fashionable walking shoe for everyday life and leisure.

  • Leisure time
  • Daily use
  • Travel
  • Walking
  • Good paths
  • Parks and daily walks
Meindl Comfort Fit

Meindl's introductory boot designed for hiking and trekking in the alpine-meadows, low mountains and on prepared trails.

  • Easy hikes on low level ground
  • Low level hills
  • Marked paths
Meindl Comfort Fit

Meindl's classic walking boot for extensive walking and moderate trekking.

  • Demanding hikes in the low level
  • Easy trekking trips in the major mountain ranges of the world
  • Marked mountain paths
Meindl Comfort Fit

Meindl's trekking boot for ambitious trekking, easy and moderate alpine use and fixed-rope routes.

  • Demanding trekking
  • Extended hikes in the high mountain
  • Poor mountain paths
  • Scree
  • Fixed rope routes
Meindl Comfort Fit

The high-mountain boot with stability for trekking on rock, rock-faces,scree and glaciers. (Suitable for crampons)

  • Demanding trekking
  • Extended hikes in the high mountain
  • Glaciers
  • Unmarked routes
  • Scree
  • Climbing routes
Meindl Comfort Fit

The ultimate high-mountain boot, absolutely reliable for extreme use in rugged terrain. (Suitable for crampons)

  • Fully crampon compatible boots
  • Trackless areas
  • Glaciers and extreme ice
  • Ice climbing




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